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What's the mood on Claremont's campus after the passing of Peter Drucker? Do students on campus respect that he did so much for America's corporations or are they too busy advocating for "fair" trade?



Blogger See Jay run said...

Hello Brandon,

To tell you the truth, most students here now, myself included, have little or no knowledge about Peter F. Drucker. Accordingly, the attention given to his passing has been almost non-existent.

I am sure that if you asked someone in the Business School they would give you another story. But I am literally across the street and unless one was paying attention, the fact of his passing would go completely unnoticed.

In fact, I work for the consortium here raising funds over the phone. I recently called Drucker alum to solicit money. Only a few inquired about his death, and I was told specifically not to bring it up. I think that this was for a few reasons. It would seem improper to raise money based on his passing, one, and two, I get the feeling that the higher-ups don's want the word spreading too quickly. I think that the school has been losing some credibility, at least that's my impression, and with his passing it may be a big blow.

I can tell you for certain that the folks at Pitzer and Scripps, Pomona as well, couldn't care less. The debate this week concerns whether or not Pomona is going to convert the restrooms on the main floor of its student center to be "Transgender Friendly" and "Gender Neutral." I shit you not. Apparently, the boy and girl symbols are offensive to the androgynes and pigeon-hole too many young men and women into oppressive gender roles. Again, I am not kidding. I'll send you the write up on it if I can find it again.

So, to answer your question: too busy advocating "Fair Bathrooms."

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Blogger AndSheTookOff said...

Yeah man, I know I always have low self esteem after I see that I really should conform to the little stick figure with the skirt on the pisser door...it's like society is telling me I shouldn't wear jeans and I don't know how to deal... WTF?!? Please, since I can't be there to do it in person, tell those bomb-lobbing commies to get a life for me, wouldja?!?

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Blogger Pieter said...

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Blogger Pieter said...

I hope this time I manage to post the link.

Drucker was great. Look at his quotes:


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