Sunday, November 06, 2005

Any Scorpios Here?

As we all know, the popular site, the Onion (who the White House is going after for completely unrelated reasons) often posts nonsensical stories that are funny, and occasionally, nonsensical stories that are not.

This was their listing for the horoscope of Scorpio this week:

This Week’s Horoscopes
Scorpio: You'll lose the use of your left arm this week when your city uses rather draconian eminent-domain laws to commandeer it for garbage-hauling and tree-removal duties.

...You know you are a libertarian when you feel rallied by this.

I was at a political meeting yesterday, and everyone thought I was nuts for being so crazy over property rights. Sigh.


Blogger AndSheTookOff said...

Holla!!! ;-P

9:11 PM  
Blogger See Jay run said...

Hello Jeanne Marie,

I am an Aquarius. I look forward to seeing what the Onion has to say about me and my astrological sisters and brothers.

Perhaps we are crazy. I mean, you've heard as well as I have that "crazy" is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, or some shit like that. Are we really reaching anyone?

In our defence, it's maybe much crazier that the whole world demands to repeat the same collectivist mistakes that have plagued mankind since that first little brave cave-man was ostracized for questioning the omnipotence of the brutal "leader of all cave-men".

9:44 PM  

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