Monday, October 31, 2005

Who is Alito?

I must say that I have supported Bush on many things. I was especially happy when I learned more about John Roberts before he was placed on the SCOTUS. I was of the opinion that old Georgie was going to leave a legacy by his Supreme Court nominations, and not the one suspected by the abortion-crazed partisans of either evil party, but one of a kind of mild liberalization of the Court, one in which the powers of governement were trimmed back and Social Security, min. wage laws, and Ted Kennedy were found to be unconstitutional.

But then Miers came along. I don't think she got a fair shake, but there were other solid Originalists to choose from. Justices like Owens and Brown who - and I admittedly haven't done research on these beyond the snippets I pick up from Cato, Fox News, CNN, and Progressive Radio here in L.A. - have lambasted the aggrandizement of government scope and power in terms taken from the libertarian tradition, and who have maintained some form of acceptability to the righty rights thereby giving them a chance to actually be appointed. I hoped that Miers might be one of these; perhaps will never know. One saving grace that should be obvious to everyone is that she wasn't acceptable to the abortion-crazed partisans of the Right, which means that Bush wasn't interested in simply pandering to them, i.e. a good thing.

But who is Alito? I suppose we'll know soon enough. But right now we know, at least the snippets tell me, that the abortion-crazed partisans are terribly excited, i.e. a bad thing. Oh, how I was hoping for Owens or Brown!

Washington Post
Cato Opining


Blogger Bridget said...

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Blogger Bridget said...

ok. so that didn't work. See my post today on my blog under "Yay for Logic!" The link's there - a WSJ opinion piece.

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Blogger Robert said...

One of my good high school friends clerked for Alito. I'm very pleased with the pick

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