Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Hello everyone,

I've been enjoying reading your posts and wanted to get around to actually posting something. First, I've never been much of a novel reader, but you all inspired me to pick up a book instead of playing PS2 at nights. I went to the local public library (should I feel guilty about that?) and got the Fountainhead and have so far been impressed, its been difficult so far to put down. So thanks for the inspiration. Second, if you're looking for Must See TV, check out C-SPAN this evening for live coverage of U.S. House debate on CAFTA. You'll see plenty of rhetoric and emotion, as well as assertions that previous trade agreements such as NAFTA are major causes of job losses in this country. It's the political process at work, don't miss it.



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Good to hear from you and thanks for the info!

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