Friday, August 05, 2005

a question for the lawyers

What is the difference between "reckless homicide" and "manslaughter"?

I'm asking because. . . a woman who recently killed my neighbor by failing to stop for a red light and therefore shoving my neighbor's car into the busy intersection is being charged with reckless homicide. The woman charged was drunk at the time of the accident and is being held on $600,000 bond because, on top of everything else, she is an illegal immigrant from Poland.

Also - comments on immigration? Last night I was watching a program about the high risks and costs of the people smuggling business. People were dying on overcrowded sinking boats and desperately trying to repay exorbitant sums for their being smuggled, all in attempts to get to the U.S. Even if the U.S. relaxed its emigration laws, is there the chance that other countries will relax their rules? It was evident on the program that it is as big a problem to get out of their own countries as to get in to the U.S. Thoughts?


Blogger Steve said...

1:56 PM  
Blogger See Jay run said...

Hello Miss Bridget! My thoughts on immigration: What we need is a nation-wide force-field, like the deflector shields on the Starship Enterprise. Talk about the ultimate in isolationism! I think that Pat Buchanan is working on force-field technology now, thank goodness.

6:10 PM  
Blogger See Jay run said...

Obviously I am just kidding, if you all out there were thinking otherwise ;-)

6:11 PM  
Blogger Bridget said...

Thanks, Steve!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Priscillia said...

Hi all,

My illegal immigration paper is done! Free at last...

Bridget- Are you asking if it is politically or geographically difficult for people to migrate? Because, I think it may have been Professor Davies that said borders have been set up that way on purpose. The difficulty to traverse mountains & rivers increases the opportunity cost of moving. From my research (& I am not the chief by any means), I believe if there were open borders then people wouldn't have to die to come here, it would squash the people smuggling business, and other countries would work to keep their intelligent, hard-working people from leaving. What were your thoughts after watching the program? Do you have any experience with illegal immigrants (my paper may be done, but I'm still very interested in the topic)?

Steve- How did your other job interview go? What did you decide? I ended up not getting that research job, but i did get a teaching assistantship at the university of warwick. to jolly ol' england i go.

Clyde- You still haven't told me how you got that superhero name! I enjoy your writing style. I wish you luck in your competition, but you won't need it.

3:59 PM  

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