Saturday, July 16, 2005

Here It Is

Here it is.

The blog.

I figure we can post our thoughts from seminar, comments, questions, responses from classes or readings, short speeches, works in progress, completed works/essays, and so forth. Then the rest can all comment at comment link which is at end of each post.

Great! Many of you are signing up to this blog. "Now what?" you may ask.

Well, as you have thoughts or ideas to share with others (just to share or for feedback), post them on this sight.


Sign in and go to "Posting." Then to "Create" if it does not already prompt you to the screen where you get to write a post.

Write your post or paste an essay from a Word document. Any special features such as bold or italics will not be transfered over when you copy and paste. You have to do it again once it is on the "Create" a "Post" page. Easy. Just go through and make necessary editing corrections.

In your writing, you can even link to web sites. Use the link icon on "Create" page. (This looks like a green globe with a white and black image above it.) Basically, you highlight what you want to show as the words which someone would click to go to another site; and then you go to the icon, click it, and enter the web address which those highlighted words signify. Hope that makes sense. If not, experiment with the site. Hold the cursor over various unknown icons or buttons to see what they are for. When you hold it over, a description will tell you what that one is for.

Enough for now. This hopefully will prove helpful to clarify ideas as well as to share and refine our own ideas from personal, political, philosophical, economic, religious, and so on interests.

Well, enjoy and, like I said above, hopefully this is beneficial or at least just fun for us.


Blogger the oxford slug said...

great to see that this is up already; many thanks.

11:10 PM  

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