Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Monday mornings, from the hours of 12 am until 5 am, the radio station KLOS 95.5 airs a program called Impact. A very interesting program to turn to hear thoughts and discuss various issues impacting the world today. Host Frank Sontag will often invite guests, such as Craig Hulet, on the show who specialize in specific fields and who are able to provide critical material for average Joe to become better informed. Last night’s guest, Ben Crème, was quite a surprise for me. After speaking about Miatreya, Ben answered questions from callers, and of whom I was one. Since Miatreya is basically the return of Jesus to this planet Earth, except in different form, I of course didn’t resist the urge to call in. But the problem was then that question to ask. I had so many it was difficult to decide which one. So I went with the one targeting what Ben had already labeled economic totalitarian. Otherwise, I could have gone with the political totalitarian or religious totalitarian vicinities. The convenient thing about choosing to direct my inquiry toward the economic lesson Miatreya will be bringing us is it overlaps all three.

It went much longer than this:
Ben: The lessons Miatreya has for us are many, but we must be ready for them before he appears himself to us. As we are now entering into the Age of Aquarius what will be becomes the golden age. He brings for us the necessary guidance for a smooth transition into the new era and out of the old where we’ve been for the last 2000 years. Now is the time all people shall receive freedom and justice. The world’s resources are plenty no human will starve. The notion of privatization, a claim to ownership, is greed and the competition and hoarding must stop. We need to share… blah blah blah…etc.
Janet: I believe the goodness in the message of sharing and in ending world famine and the like. However, I cannot understand how such permanent accomplishments can be reached if there is lacking a so-called economic totalitarianism, privatization and competition within a free market. And what about the notion of distribution without the political totalitarian you say must be broken down?
Ben: “The wheels of capitalism and socialism spin together” *In summary*- The excess from all companies will need to be kept as inventory and redistributed by the leaders.
*Note- An extremely shortened and paraphrased introduction and conclusion, but I can’t believe I’ve wasted this much time on any of it to begin with. *
*I’m the first to admit the before is likely a straw man, however, it only gets worse and helps my argument. It also covers enough to paint the picture. I do not want to bore you all *
*I was in utter pain resisting the contradictory notion of eradicating religious totalitarianism, the very conduit of Miatreya*


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