Monday, July 25, 2005

Get Ready

Hey All! I hope eveyone had a safe trip; now get ready for a plug. If anyone knows students at UPenn, or in the surrounding Philadelphia area that would be interested in participating in a weekly Classical Liberal Forum, let me know. I think we will be working with Allen Kors, for those of you who know of him, if we can gather enough student support to earn the seal of approval from the Student Activities Committee in the form of funding.... So, if any Cafe Liberty enthusiasts have equally enthusiastic friends, let me know, or have them get in touch with me (@ Thanks! Katie


Blogger Robert said...

Cool. I heard Kors speak at a Cato event (Cato University, similar to our IHS week-long seminar) and read his book on campus speech codes. His free speech litigation shop (FIRE) is excellent as well.

I don't know what kind of crowd you want, or how big of one, but perhaps some law folks at UPenn might be interested. Though be warned, many law students are notoriously hermit-like during term. But if you want to invite interested members of the Fed Soc crowd at UPenn, their email is I'd put in a personal plug, but anyone I knew at Penn Law is graduated by now.

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